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#CafePierro, behind the cam

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Do you like coffee ? Do you like Freebord ? Then here is a way that offers Pierre Linckenheld to bring your favorite energizer directly in your hands. Working as a waiter at the Café de Grancy, Lausanne, this pro team rider had the idea to match his job with his passion : freebording.

To remind you the enjoyable result of this video cooked in one day, just clic play below.                                        

Thanks to the huge help of Arnaud Blin who edited and filmed the shots with his electronic stabilizer Ronin, the rendering could have been perfectly cleaned. Here are some snaps of the beast and the hunter.


But what was this crazy stuff made for ? The primary idea was to propose a new concept for the Best Submitted Video contest 2014 and actually, it won.
YEAY ! Remember last year, The Man with the Golden wheel also got this title; one year later, Freebord Suisse brings back the award of Best Submitted Video among more than 30 worldwide edits.

The disease didn’t stop in San Francisco. #CafePierro created the buzz all over internet, mainly in Switzerland, but also in France and amazingly in Spain and Canada. Extreme sport website such as 30°, Zapiks and X-Treme helped sharing this video. So did many blogs, for instance My Urban Planet, or TV Channels like Tracks on Arte. National newspapers – Le Matin & 24heures – published a complete report, and Couleur 3, local radio station, also developped this fashion phenomenon.

Since then, Pierre’s Café can be grateful to him considering the amount of incoming new consumers that is still arriving, yelling all day long »Hey, I saw your video ! »

As often, the funniest part isn’t the result, but the moments captured, lived and shared next to it. Let the characters pictures explain this to you.


Arnaud Blin from the CHoE crew just edited a final bonus video that reveals the ambiant fun that ruled the day. Grab a cup of coffee and catch a final laugh !

Back the roots of freebording…

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2013 was a great year for Pierre Linckenheld in the field of FB.

FBS has grown through various projects organized, which allowed Pierro to ride regularly with many international riders FB throughout the year.

But the ultimate moment of 2013 will be his trip to San Francisco, the Mecca of FB, the dream of every freeborder.

For him, it was a way to understand better  why he freebord.

It will remain an unforgettable memory of sessions where Pierre could ride with the best local Freeborders all these mythical spots that everybody had already seen and reviewed in videos that made all of us start freebording.

Special thanks : I want to thank my hosts at Freebord Mfg.. allowing me to see and live with them how they work so that we all have a Freebord under our feet to shred downhills every corner of the world!

Keep it up! Long live Freebord! Thank you friends



Anticonf // Friends & Partners

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Till the Origin of Freebord Suisse, we have been working in association with Anticonformiste Longskate. The Lausanne Slopestyle is a event we organise together for the last 2 years. More informations about the event here.

With the new edition of the this event the 5-6 July, we want to introduce officially this brand which have been with us till the beginning, as friends and as partners, sharing the same view of evolution of our sport and also the same motivation to make things happening.

Anticonf is a homemade decks company specialize in Longboard, but also build Freeboard for the past 2 years. It is a company focus on building Greener, Lighter & Stronger decks. You can find more informations on their website :

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Lausanne Slopestyle 2014 – Official Freebord Swiss Event // Save the Date !

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The Freebord season of the Spread the Shred and community event is on ! After Bristol last week-end will follow a lot of events organise by many countries. July 5-7, for the Third year, Switzerland will be hosting  the Lausanne Slopestyle, a unique event where downhill meet freestyle. Inspired by the new Winter Olympic sport, Snowboard and Ski Slopestyle, artificial feature as jump, rails, rainbow, curve and more are set-up on a close downhill road.  The riders can finally be creative and every year make a step forward in the evolution of our sport.

As image is better than words, watch the 2012 and 2013 Videos :

So SAVE THE DATE, July 5-6 will be the 2014 LAUSANNE SLOPESTYLE !

Follow the event on Facebook :

More information about schedule and accommodation are coming soon…

Barcelonna Trip with Freebord Suisse

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2013 was a great year for Freebord Suisse and as a conclusion of the season, we went visit Mr Jordi Puig in Barcelona !

For the first time, the standout of the year and the rider of the year of the same freebord season are united in a last trip. This was taking place in Barcelona and St Critophol, home spots of Jordi Puig. Pierre Linckenheld bring with him many international riders part of the Anticonf Krew.


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Freebord Suisse 2013 highlights

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Freebording is the best thing that happen to us, as all of the freebord riders, we are proud to be a part of this amazing community and have the chance to live the evolution of a new sport.

So many time I remember saying :  » I wish I was born in the seventies « .

The rise of the rock n roll, Woodstock for sure, but also the birth of skateboarding, surfing & snowboarding. This evolution must have been a great adventure, but now were living the expansion of freebording and I can finally say that I am glad to live this years…

Enjoy the best moments of Freebord Suisse in 2013 in Video :