One individual G3-R Freebord Truck. Wheels are not included and must be purchased separately. The G3-R trucks provide enhanced durability, strength and responsiveness over the previous generation G3 truck.

**A complete board requires TWO trucks. 

G3-R Truck Specs:

4º angled hangers 
Wider contact patch for edge wheels
New reinforced bracket design
Tapered hangers
Hanger surface beveled

T6 cast aluminum base plates and hangars
Flat hangar design
Base wheel bracket with no-slip adjustment notches
Hangar width: 13.55 inches
Base plate length: 7.10 inches
Base plate width: 2.8 inches


One of the biggest changes on the G3-R is the angled hanger which allows more of the edge wheel to touch the ground. To put it simply, this gives you more stopping power than ever before, and as a bonus effect you get more rocker.

At the end of the hanger you’ll find it’s been tapered to allow for almost any skate wheel to fit properly. So while we still think our Da Blues are the best wheel for Freebording, we want you to have the ability to rock any set of wheels you like– center set, offset, and flipped sideset.

This truck has been in the works for over three years and is the strongest most advanced Freebord truck we’ve ever made.